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Reaching People, Building Churches and Changing Lives

We are dedicated to building churches around the world in order to bring people closer to God while providing them with much-needed places of worship, community support, and stability.

Building a Stronger Community

We’re expanding into unchurched areas of Uganda and reaching new people groups who need to hear the gospel. Our approach includes drilling water wells, providing pastors, and building schools and church buildings that enable disadvantaged communities to worship the Lord.

Our Churches

Amigos Internacionales New Churches

Agape Baptist Church

Ogul Village

The Amigos Board of Directors, led by Kaywin LaNoue, decided to finance and construct a worship center at this location. The Kaywin LaNoue Worship Center is nearing completion this year, as we continue to pursue our mission of allowing God to transform lives and hearts in the heart of Ogul Village.
Amigos Internacionales New Church

Agape Baptist Church

Pawik (Lamwo)

Pastor Martin, who received his training from the Ugandan Baptist Seminary, supported by the SBC, is actively involved in our efforts of building and handling the church in Pawik. This seminary exists thanks to the Cooperative Program, which is funded by contributions from SBC churches worldwide.
A group of people standing in front of a building.

Agape Baptist Church

Palabek refugee settlement currently provides limited food rations, medical services, and educational opportunities for the refugees. However, there is hope that in the future, the settlement may be transformed into a vibrant community centered around a thriving church.
Community Forum

Agape Baptist Church


The latest addition to the Amigos family of churches currently holds its services under a large tree. However, we are in need of funding to construct a proper church building and a school. We have already installed a water well to provide access to clean, disease-free water for the new members of the congregation.

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We need your help to continue bringing communities closer to God and providing support and stability in areas of the world that desperately need it.

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Are you passionate about spreading the message of Christ to communities worldwide and supporting underprivileged regions? Here are some reasons why Amigos is your partner in helping build their churches worldwide:

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