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Child Sponsorship

Support is always important for children as they grow, and Amigos believes that giving support to children in need will create a brighter future for them. That’s why Amigos Internacionales, Inc. has created its Child Sponsorship Program.

Best Children's Sponsorship Charity

Are you searching for the best children’s sponsorship charity? Look no further than Amigos. We work with our representatives on the ground in Gulu, Uganda, to provide the best child sponsorship program for orphans in the northern Ugandan province.

Currently, we are urgently seeking sponsors for 50 young men and women in 1st-6th grade. Without our help, these children will not be able to continue their education and move on to the next grade. Patrick is compiling a list of these children, and we hope you can join us in making a difference in their lives.

Child Sponsorship Programs

We offer various sponsorship programs to meet the needs of different communities. From providing clean drinking water, medical aid, and educational support for children in Uganda to providing food, shelter, and education for families living in refugee camps near South Sudan.

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Sponsor Children’s Education

Our child sponsorship program is designed to provide comprehensive care for children in need. We take care of their education, health, nutrition, and other basic needs. By sponsoring a child through Amigos, you can make a significant impact on their lives.

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Sponsor Children's Home

If sponsoring one child does not seem to accomplish enough, you can also sponsor an entire children’s home. With this program, your donation will provide food, shelter, and education for the children in that home.

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Sponsor A Special Event

If you want to bring joy to a child in need, our Special Event Sponsorship program is the perfect way to do it. With your donation, we’ll be able to provide fun activities and games for the children in our partner communities.

New Pilot Program

Good news! We have selected 16 young men and women to pilot our program. As of today, they are fully vested in school for one year.

For only $38 US you can sponsor a child in Uganda for a year of school, clothing, books, and supplies. This $38 monthly will get you a quarterly video checkup of your child. If you are interested in sponsoring, please fill out the form below and we will be in contact with you.

These children live on less than $36 a month!

You have the power to change a child’s life. By sponsoring a child in Uganda through Amigos Internacionales, you can provide education, food, and essential resources to a child in need. You can give them the chance to build a brighter future, break the cycle of poverty, and reach their full potential.

Sponsor A Child - You Can Make A Difference

Become part of the Amigos family today and help us fight to give children around the world the life they deserve.


Before & After Student Photos

Here are some examples of the amazing progress made by the children we sponsored. Every day.