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Sponsor an Orphan Today

When you sponsor an orphan child, you will connect personally with a boy or girl who will treasure the thought that you care.

Children smiling in front of the camera.

Your sponsorship of $38 per month* provides life-changing opportunities in an orphan's life such as:

  • tuition to attend or stay in school
  • necessary, nourishing food
  • medical care, which can save lives
  • school supplies: uniforms, shoes, pens, books, etc.

Each orphan child’s photo below represents a real child who needs your help today.

* No administrative fees deducted. All support goes directly to each child. GuideStar Platinum Transparency certification. Click here for 2021 Annual Report.

Sponsor A Child

Sponsored Children

Thank you for your choice to reach out and sponsor a child in need of your support.

If you would like to write to your child,
please address the letter to

[Child’s name]
Adongping Gloria
P. O. Box 569,
Gulu, Uganda

If you haven’t gotten an update on your child, please email our Ugandan Director of Sponsorships, Gloria Adonping at [email protected].

Changing Lives Together

Sponsor Tamara
sends goodies to her sponsored child AND her siblings! They are so excited!

Johnathan gets a letter and writes back!

Fortunate personally
says Thank You!

Amigos Children Services

Sponsor a child from our Jinja orphanage.

Due to privacy issues due to the type of rescues we are performing with these abused children, many personal pictures will not be posted online, however once you sponsor the child you will receive notes, videos and updates quarterly from your sponsored child!