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Amigos Internacionales is proud to partner with Agape Baptist Church in Palabek, Uganda. Located in the rural part of Northern Uganda, the church serves as a beacon of hope and love for children who have faced some of life’s most difficult circumstances.

We Can't Do It Alone

Through the generous donations of individuals, corporations, foundations, and churches, we are able to provide meals for hungry children in Guatemala, offer education and water services to those living in refugee camps near the South Sudan border, and much more.

Extend a Helping Hand to Improve and Rebuild Lives

South Sudan is one of the world’s most conflict-ridden countries. Since its independence from Sudan in 2011, it has been plagued by a bloody civil war that has killed more than two million people and displaced over three million people.

Why Donate to Amigos Internacionales, Inc to help build churches in Palabek

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Maintain Hope for Families

Your donated funds will go directly to help build and maintain churches that offer hope, spiritual guidance, and a safe place for children who have endured so much.
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Support the future of an entire community

Your donation helps support the communities in Palabek by providing access to educational and medical resources as well as clean water and food.
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Strengthen the local economy

Your donation will go towards creating jobs, growing small businesses, and training individuals to become leaders in the community who can help others in need.
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Fund children's Home

Your donation helps fund children’s homes so they have a safe and secure place to live and thrive.

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