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Food and Water Donation

Donate to Support Access to Food and Clean Water

Your donation will go towards providing 7.5 million meals to those in need and building wells and churches near the refugee camps at the border of South Sudan. Your donation will help us make a difference in these children’s lives and provide them with the food and water they so desperately need.

How You Can Help

By giving donations and sponsorships, you will be able to change the lives of children in need worldwide. Your donation will help us provide food and water to those who so desperately need it and improve living conditions for everyone involved. Our children will also learn valuable skills to better their lives and help them build a more secure future.

Donate Nutritious Food to Those in Need

Since 2002, Amigos Internacionales Inc. has provided over 1,144 metric tons (2,522,062 pounds) and over 57,200,000 meals to starving children around the world. This effort has been in conjunction with Bucknr’s Children’s Homes, Buckner International, and USAID. 

Hundreds of thousands of children and needy mothers have been fed each day in Malawi, Zambia, Peru, Guatemala, Mexico, Honduras, and Belize.

Donate to Provide Safe and Sustainable Water Sources

Lack of clean, clear drinking water results in waterborne diseases and pathogens. Illnesses due to typhoid, diphtheria, hepatitis, multiple eye infections, tapeworms, amoebas, bilharziasis (blood flukes), and other problems can alter and shorten the lives of children in these areas.

The problem of water insecurity is widespread and closely entangled with poverty and other vulnerabilities in the region. The situation is having a particularly devastating impact on women and girls, because they bear the disproportionate burden of water collection and family welfare responsibilities embedded in long lasting socio-cultural norms.

The Problem

Access to safe and clean water is a significant issue in many parts of Africa. The average woman in Africa has to carry 5 gallons of water for 4 miles every day just to provide for her family, with the water often not coming from a safe, clean source. Providing sustainable solutions to address this issue requires a collaborative effort from governments, NGOs, and individuals.

The Solution

Amigos surveys and tests for optimal drilling locations, and once identified, deploys a drilling rig to extract water, working through the night if necessary. Once water is reached at around 70 meters, they cap it, build a well pit, and install a high-quality pump capable of servicing up to 200 families daily.

The Result

The outcome is fresh, clean, and disease-free water for families and villages in Uganda. You can join the effort and become part of the solution.

Your donation, no matter how big or small, will go a long way toward making a difference in the lives of those we serve. With your help, we can continue to provide hope and relief to those who are struggling to survive. Join us in our mission to end hunger and thirst today!

How Your Food and Water Donations Can Change Lives​

Families in need have their basic needs met, helping to eliminate hunger and thirst. Communities around the world are provided with access to clean drinking water. Children are allowed to learn and grow in a safe environment. 

We know that the world can be a better place – with your help, we can create a brighter future for our children. We appreciate your support!