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Northern Uganda

Churches in the Refugee Camps

Northern Uganda is home to many refugee camps, providing shelter for those displaced by war, poverty, and famine. Amigos Internacionales is committed to helping meet the needs of these refugees, including providing spiritual support through churches in the camps.

Help Build a Church in Refugee Camps in Northern Uganda

Amigos recognizes that having a church provides refuge and hope in difficult times. Our team works with local pastors and churches to build these sanctuaries of peace. We provide the resources necessary for building a safe and sturdy church home, as well as providing resources such as bibles and other study materials.

Join Our Mission to Alleviate Hunger and Thirst in Northern Uganda Refugee Camps

Amigos is dedicated to giving refugees hope through our work with churches in the camps. We have been able to build many churches in the region, but we need your help to continue this mission of supporting refugees and providing them with spiritual sustenance.

Making a Difference in the Lives of Refugees in Northern Uganda

Amigos builds new churches and schools in the northern Ugandan refugee camps. Amigos is granted land and locations in the refugee camps close to South Sudan where they can build churches and schools.

Help Us Build Churches in Refugee Camps In Northern Uganda

Donating to Amigos Internacionales, Inc. to build churches in the refugee camps of Northern Uganda is a great way to help those who have been displaced by war, poverty and famine. Here are four reasons why you should be our partner in our mission of providing spiritual and physical sustenance to the refugees in Northern Uganda:

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Support Families And Children In All Ways

You will join us in giving refugees hope by building churches and providing aid for their well-being.
Giving Heart

We Give Hope

You will be part of a movement towards providing better lives and more secure futures for those in need.
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Provide The Necessary Tools

You will help us provide the resources necessary for building a safe and sturdy church home, as well as providing bibles and other study materials.

Giving Gift

We Believe In Giving Back

You join us in our mission of providing spiritual and emotional support as well as physical necessities to those around us.