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The Amigos team has been able to acquire the land and start the construction of the church, but they still need help in order to finish it. We are asking for donations from individuals and organizations who can help bring this dream to life.

God Continues to Move: Amigos Plans New Church and School on Donated Land

On Saturday, July 16, Amigos Representatives met with tribal members in the village of Padibe to sign papers to donate 12.23 acres of land to Amigos to start a new church and school in the village. Our first priority is to drill a water well, providing clean, fresh water for the local villagers
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The Challenge of Clean Water in Padibe

Every successful project in Northern Uganda must start with a successful water well. Access to clean, clear, disease free water is essential to helping the people in the village.

During our visit in October of 2022, we brought a drilling rig and hit clean water at 68 meters. These women below were carrying water from around 3 miles each day for the children and families to have water to drink.

Support Our Water Well Project and Bring Clean Water to the People of Padibe

We invite you to join us in our mission by donating funds or your time to help build a church that will help provide clean water and food to the people of Padibe.

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