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Agape Baptist Church

Ogul Village

With the passing of founder and prayer warrior, Kaywin LaNoue, the Amigos Board of Directors voted to fund and build a worship center on this site. The Kaywin LaNoue Worship Center is being completed this year, and we move forward allowing God to change lives and hearts in the heart of Ogul Village.

Experience the Joy of Giving by Supporting

The families and children of Ogul Village in Uganda have been struggling for years, and Amigos Internacionales is proud to partner with the Agape Baptist Church to provide much-needed physical and spiritual aid. The church serves as a beacon of hope for families who have had their lives torn apart by civil war and poverty.

Our Outreach Programs

Proving Love

Community Service Projects

We help families rebuild homes, provide clean water for the village, and create sustainable farming methods. We also offer a variety of programs that teach practical skills, such as how to sew, cook, and manage finances. The goal is to build self-sufficiency within the community.
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Food and Water

The scarcity of food and clean water is a major issue in Ogul Village. We provide families with nutritious meals and clean drinking water to ensure the entire community’s health.
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Youth Mentoring

Youth is our future, and we’re passionate about equipping them with the skills and knowledge they need to be successful in life. We offer a variety of mentoring programs that teach essential values such as responsibility, integrity, and respect.

Our Outreach Programs

We are excited to invite you to partner with us in our mission of spreading hope, love, and compassion to the people of Ogul Village and beyond.

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